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L4D WarpSurvivorBots


“L4D_WarpSurvivorBots” をダウンロード – 972 回のダウンロード – 4.13 KB





sm_l4d_warp_sb [ワープ先のプレイヤー名やSteamIDなど]


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    • Min on 2014年5月26日 at 19:34
    • 返信

    I’ve visited your server several times,
    it’s great, I got a lot of fun,
    I’d like to ask a question,
    How to add survivor bots automatically when a round begins?
    Would you please share the plug-in?
    I hope you don’t mind my asking,
    Thank you~

    1. Hi Min, thanks for writing comment.
      I’m using the plugin which is based from “L4D_MissingSurvivors”.

      Here is my plugin (ver.0.1 mod7):
      Sorry for much gabage code and written some Japanese in the source code.
      Based from this:

      I heavily customized to compatible with L4D2 features, rejoin feature which is help the player stucked as a spectator, etc…

      I think sourcemod site have better plugin than I modded nowadays, so I recommend to search there once 😀

      I think you might know, but if you want to join more than 4 human players on coop,
      also you need “Left 4 Downtown 2 Extention” and/or “L4DToolz metamod plugin”.

      (I’ll move this comment to the plugin’s top page in a month.)

    • Min on 2014年5月27日 at 17:23
    • 返信

    Thank you for your prompt reply, you are so kindヽ(*´∀`)ノ

    It’s working!! So great!!
    But I’ve got a problem…
    Bot getting stuck sometimes,
    Do you have a solution?

    Thanks again~

    1. Yes, that is why I made WarpSurvivorBots plugin 😉
      You need to call the command manually when bot stucked.
      Maybe that is not a smart solution, but it can overcome the stuck.

    • Min on 2014年5月28日 at 22:43
    • 返信

    This plugin doesn’t seem to work though it’s running ╥﹏╥
    But I still have to thank you,
    You did me a big favor~
    If there is an opportunity,
    We may play the game together (ゝ∀・)b

    1. Hmm…Did you see any message or just nothing happend?